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Character Description Fighting Style
Neroe Yamanaka
Neroe is the 23 year old co-owner of Beakz Pizza, a shitty rundown restaurant in West City. He's extremely happy-go-lucky, and makes friends wherever he goes. However, beneath this happy exterior lies a suffering man. When he was young, his mother left him in the care of her good friend, Trina, and disappeared. Returning months later, she passed away in front of Neroe's eyes. He vowed to finish his mother's research, and find the lost city of Valor that she had spent her entire life trying to locate, which has gotten him in large amount of trouble. Neroe is able to use Wind powers in small dosages, and normally fights with his oversize sword, the Bringer of Light.
Rita Martin
Rita, despite being only 22 years old, is one of the brightest minds working at RoseCorp.
Admiring the work of Minimus Delphino, she has a goal to be the world's next biggest name in robotics.
She's led a rough life thus far. Things started out okay, as she was born to two rich politicians, however, they were assasinated by Claudius Greenly, who also tried to kill Rita herself. She was saved by Neroe, and ever since then, they've been the best of friends.
Things went great for her for awhile, until her boyfriend, Blake Herrington was killed when he fell into the Great Chasm. Despite these many deaths her in life, she's managed to hold it together, but can sometimes lose her temper and gets extremely emotional when it's brought up.
Rita tries not to fight the majority of the time, but if she has to, she just fights with guns.
Heart Ensoul
Heart is the quirky, self proclaimed girlfriend of Neroe. Although she harbours a massive crush for him, she actually has yet to reveal her true feelings for him, and for some reasons, he seems completely unaware of them.
Besides her massive crush, she isn't exactly the brightest. She has a hard time with social queues and realising when's a bad time to talk.
She has a mysterious past as well, having no memory of her childhood. She was found on the street one day with her younger brother, Felix Ensoul, with no recollection of who she was, besides her name.
Since Neroe was the one to find her in this state, it's possible that's why she fell in love with him.
Heart is horrible at fighting, due in part to her clumsiness. She tries to run from all fights possible.
DVD is Rita's personal assistant robot, created by the famous Minimus Jalepnos. He is a less advanced model of the famous "CD" Line of robots, and as such, is much more robotic in personality. He feels as though he isn't truly alive and therefore acts as robotic as possible, which is merely an act, as he does feel emotions. DVD is able to summon a pair of high-powered boxing gloves from which he uses in battle.
Claudius Greenly
Claudius is a bitter tattoo artist, who once blackmailed by Dr Matthew Vitellius, who was holding his parents hostage at the time. Claud didn't know it, but Dr Vitellius had actually already killed his parents, when he sent Claud to assasinate Rita's entire family. He was however stopped by Neroe before he managed to kill Rita, and Neroe vowed to assist him in rescueing his family. Returning to Dr Vitellius' lab, he found it burned to the ground. Neroe stayed in touch with Claud, eventually becoming good friends with him. Claud was never able to forgive himself for killing Rita's parents, and has vowed to protect her with his life in order to make up for it. Claud has a special glove that he is able to use in battle, with spiked barbs on the knuckles.
Character Description Fighting Style
This man's true name is unknown, and as such, Neroe and friends have decided to call him "Hood". Nothing is known about this man, except that he seems to know a lot about Neroe and the artifacts. He also appears in charge of the villians. No data available
G9 is a robot built by Dr Matthew Vitellius to be his own personal hitman. He is an unstoppable killing machine, though he does appear to have one fatal flaw. When trying to harm Rita, he displayed a weird electrical surge, rendering him unable to finish her off. G9 has various robotic parts which he can attach and deattach, and also he has a beam sword.
Selena is a strange seductive woman with an extremely masochistic side. Not much is known about her or her motives, but she does seem to harbor an extreme hatred for Heart, doing anything she can to try to murder her on the spot. She also seems very interested in collecting the artifacts, which is possibly why she joined Hood in the first place. Selena is able to summon a giant battle axe from an unknown location.
Nothing is known about this strange creature from the darkness. It appears that Anexial is able to use the powers of darkness to attack his enemies, and somehow he was able to do something to the souls of the people of Newspring, rendering them all unconscious.

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